Bernie Ecclestone has cast more doubt over the United States Grand Prix after bosses at the Circuit of the Americas insisted that they would pay the sanctioning fee for the 2012 race - if the 'unrealistic and unfeasible' contract put in place was amended.

The circuit confirmed on Thursday that the money required to pay the fee was in place and ready to be sent to Bernie Ecclestone, but also revealed that - rather than signing Ecclestone's contract - it had instead signed and sent an amended contract it believed to be fairer [See separate story HERE].

Unsurprisingly, Ecclestone has dismissed the action, telling Reuters that he doubted the race would take place with it looking increasingly likely that F1's return to American shores will instead have to wait until 2013 when the first race in New Jersey takes place.

"The truth is they're not complying with the terms and conditions of the contract," he said, "and as we make the contract, we will award the event or not award the event. They are not awarding anything to us.

"It's normal. They have been messing around now for four months, there's two partners arguing and two different groups arguing with each other and in the end none of them have got the money."

Ecclestone then added that he didn't think the contract he had offered would ever be signed.

"Yeah, well they shouldn't sign it," he said when asked if the contract was unreasonable. "My advice to them is don't sign it. And they probably won't get the opportunity."