Lotus Renault GP team boss Eric Boullier has responded to claims from Robert Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli after he suggested that the team had been wrong to say the Pole will miss the start of the 2012 F1 season.

Renault issued a statement on Wednesday in which it revealed that Kubica had told the team that he wouldn't be fit for the start of the new season as he continues to recover from the injuries he picked up in his rallying accident earlier this year - an accident which has already seen him miss the entire 2011 campaign.

Morelli however was then quoted in the Italian press as saying that that information wasn't correct and that Renault had 'changed Robert's words', with his driver still aiming to be fit for the season opener in Australia.

With Morelli also saying that Kubica's contract with the team would end at the end of this season - and not in 2012 as suggested by Renault - but Boullier has insisted that the statement issued by his team was sent after being approved by Morelli, leaving him scratching his head about the comments made afterwards.

"We agreed (on the statement) because obviously Robert can't start the season next year with us, or anybody actually," Boullier told the Press Association. "We agreed with Daniele to make a communication, at least to inform people what is going on. He approved the communication so everything was fine. I can show you the email, and now he is upset with I don't know what.

"He is creating stories from nothing. We have been very clear, I think professional. We have waited for him (Kubica) for a long time and we are still waiting for him if he wants to test for us or to assess him or help him."