Jenson Button is hoping that he can overturn an apparent aversion to the podium at Interlagos and end the 2011 F1 season on a high note with a fourth victory.

Although the McLaren driver took the first points of his F1 career at the Brazilian circuit with Williams in 2000, and cemented his 2009 world championship at the same circuit with Brawn, he has only featured on the podium once - and, more remarkably, has not qualified in the top ten there for the past six years. Despite having several qualifying blips this season, however, the Briton is confident of turning his Interlagos form around and challenging for another win on raceday.

"I'm hoping to go a little better than that this time," Button admitted, "The championship's won, we can have a lot of fun this weekend!"

The Briton currently leads the race to finish as runner-up to world champion Sebastian Vettel and, despite insisting that he is not bothered about where he finishes in the standings if it's not at the very top, will face off against Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber for the right to be number two on the year.

"It's not so important, [although] I think it's nice to know that, over a season, you can finish in front of some very good drivers," he told reporters, "To finish in front of a Red Bull would be great, considering that Sebastian's won the championship in a Red Bull. And Fernando has obviously been very strong in the Ferrari so, if I get the chance to beat them at the end of the season in terms of points, yeah, of course I'll be happy. But as we all say, we'd rather come away from here with a victory - that means more to us than finishing second in the championship.

"It's still nice, I suppose, if you can come away with second [overall], but I don't think that's ever the case if you haven't won the world championship. The second half of the season in '09 was pretty tough, but it's a very different situation now. The championship's won, so we can have a lot of fun this weekend.

"Looking back on 2011, I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved. We haven't been quite good enough to win the championship, but I think we've had a pretty strong year and hopefully we can build on what we've achieved this year and really take the fight to Red Bull [next year]."

Despite his qualifying travails, Button admitted to having a lot of positive memories of Interlagos, and hoped to revive his fortunes at the circuit this weekend.

"It's great to be back," he confirmed, "For me, the memory that really stands out is, obviously, 2009. Winning your first point means something, but winning the championship means a lot more, so clinching the title here with a race to go was the perfect way to win the world championship. It wasn't an easy weekend for me obviously, with terrible qualifying, but [it was] a great race and a fighting race, which I really enjoyed.

"So, [there are] some very special memories and, hopefully, this race will be special as well. I've only been on the podium here once, so I'd like to stand on the podium again, and I think my best qualifying [here] for the last six years has been 14th on the grid, so I'm hoping to go a little bit better than that this time."

The Briton was among a group of drivers who were refused entry to the circuit ahead of the FIA press conference on Thursday, getting his weekend off to a difficult start.

"They wouldn't let us in the front gate," he reported, "They closed the tunnel and wouldn't let us in, so we were half an hour waiting outside to get in. We had to drive around and then try and come across the circuit. We were like 'we've got the FIA press conference and you'll be paying our fine....', and eventually they let us across the circuit and we got in."