Around 60,000 fans have joined Red Bull Racing to celebrate its 2011 success in an event in Milton Keynes.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber both took to the streets of the Buckinghamshire town during the event, while David Coulthard drove a NASCAR and Red Bull stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer was also in action.

The event was organised to thanks Red Bull Racing staff and families as well as the local community, with the team based in nearby Tilbrook.

"It's great to be here in Milton Keynes which is where the cars are built and everyone from the factory works," Vettel said. "It's nice to say thank you and to see all the fans from the area. It was good fun; we did some donuts and enjoyed ourselves out there. Thanks to all the fans that came today, we wanted to put on a great show, so I hope they enjoyed it. It's a great way to finish the season."

"It was something special to drive the car in Milton Keynes today in front of all the fans," Webber added. "The location was close to the factory and I live pretty locally too, so it was nice to give something back to the community. I know some of the roundabouts on the course from driving my road car, so it was something different to drive them in an F1 car! It was a nice atmosphere, the sun was shining and it was good for everyone to get close to the cars. It's a great thing that Red Bull has done to say thank you to the fans."