Lewis Hamilton has come to the defence of his management team in the wake of recent criticism by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Hamilton has been looked after by Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment, which also looks after David Beckham and Andy Murray alongside a range of figures from the entertainment world, since the start of the year.

It follows the split with his father, Anthony, who previously acted as his manager, prior to 2010.

Despite Ecclestone branding the arrangement a 'disaster' though and saying that the McLaren man has meet a lot people who 'weren't good for him' through XIX [see separate story - click here], Hamilton told SpeedTV that his problems this season, both on and off the track, have been his own doing.

Indeed the 26-year-old added it has been his choice not to have XIX at certain events and that next season they will be at every grand prix as he looks to put a challenging year, one in which he was out-scored by team-mate, Jenson Button, behind him.

"I think this year XIX have taken a huge amount of criticism which has been massively unfair and that's a lot to do with me, my fault really," Hamilton stated. "They've wanted to be here every single race, they've been nothing but supportive. I control it and I decided not to have them at every race because I wanted to be on my own at some races. For the future I'll have them at every race.

"But they've taken negative criticism and they're still there supporting me. They've never ever had any impact on my thought process of how I handle things. I've really taken that all on board myself.

"This year I've just not used the resources that I have to the optimum. They've been there to help and I've not used them when I needed them.

"But I know that moving forward it will be a successful relationship and partnership. I think they're fantastic.

"Recently I had lunch with Simon in New York and I loved it. He's a really fantastic guy. I couldn't be happier with the decision I've made because I've some incredible people around me and I'm really looking forward to the future," he summed-up.