Michael Schumacher admits that a lack of testing has been his been his biggest test since making a return to F1.

The second season of his comeback again ended without a podium finish for the seven-time champion as Mercedes failed to challenge the likes of Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari on track.

While he admits that he had hoped to secure a top-three finish by this stage of his return, Schumacher said he wasn't afraid for the work required to take Mercedes to the top of the podium and added that he was still getting used to competing in the sport without the extensive in-season testing seen in the past.

"I thought that I might be on the podium at least a couple of times," he told Corriere della Sera. "Together we have to work hard to improve performance but we are not afraid of that. In F1 there are no magic wands.

"In the past we did a lot of testing. Today not, so I have had some problems with the tires. I have not learned how to interpret them correctly.

"Previously I came to the race weekend knowing what was coming. Now the tests don't come until Friday and I am still getting used to this system."

Schumacher added that he wasn't lacking any motivation despite his time away from the sport, and was as focused as ever on securing success.

"Some have questioned whether my mood has changed," he said. "It would be nice if outsiders didn't make guesses without knowing."