Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has explained why the team took the decision to quit the Formula One Teams Association, arguing that rival outfits weren't respecting the rules in place.

Ferrari pulled out of FOTA earlier this month, with rivals Red Bull Racing also taking the decision to move away from the organisation.

Speaking to the media at Maranello, di Montezemolo said Ferrari had taken the decision because some members of the organisation were 'only thinking of their own interests' and denied that there was any kind of joint decision taken with Red Bull - who left at the same time.

"We have left FOTA of our own accord and without consulting anyone else, because we were tired of the compromises dragging it down," di Montezemolo was quoted by Speed TV. "And let's be clear: If one is part of a club then everyone has to respect its rules. Otherwise, what's the point? However, I still believe that we can have a common vision between the biggest teams when it comes to the future, and I will push to the maximum to seek out common objectives.

"All we want are clear rules and interpretations. Situations like the one in Silverstone must not happen again, when the rules changed three times over the course of a Grand Prix weekend.

"On that occasion, Ferrari decided to sacrifice its own interests to avoid a fall out that would have damaged Formula One, with all the accompanying comments that we did not want the agreement because we were not competitive. ... However, there were some who preferred to only think of their own interests."

Sauber has also announced it plans to leave FOTA, while backmarkers HRT quit earlier in the year.