Recently, asked you to vote on if you thought the Drag Reduction System (DRS) was a success in F1 2011.

DRS was brought in to aid overtaking and worked by allowing drivers' to open and shut a flap on the rear wing. Although it could be used at will in practice and qualifying, in the grand's prix themselves, its use was restricted to one or sometimes two zones. Following your votes, it seems it remains controversial.

Indeed after voting on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being, 'DRS made overtaking too artificial and was a failure' to 5 being, 'it spiced up the races and was a success'), the most number of votes went to former, with almost 30 percent saying it made passing too easy.

In total 39.47 percent erred on the negative side. Interestingly though, while only 22.83 percent said it was 'definitely' a success, combined with it being a success 'more often than not', then 48.35 percent of you gave it the thumbs up.

The full results are as follows...

Poll results: Was DRS a success in F1 2011?

1 No, made overtaking too artificial: 28.93 percent
2 In a few races: 10.54 percent
3 Sometimes - 50:50: 12.19 percent
4 More often than not: 25.52 percent
5 Definitely, it spiced up the races: 22.83 percent

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