The new ride height control system dreamt up by Lotus and which the Enstone-based team had hoped would give them an advantage over the opposition, has been banned by the sport's governing body, the FIA, it is being reported.

The FIA had initially given the device, which helps to improve stability under braking, the green light, however, on Friday, a note was sent to all the teams saying it was no longer deemed acceptable.

It appears it has fallen foul of regulations which prohibit moveable aerodynamic devices.

Williams chief operations engineer Mark Gillan confirmed the ruling last night.

"The FIA has just banned that particular type of system," Gillan told Peter Windsor's The Flying Lap webcast. "We have been investigating that type of system for a while.

"It obviously has an impact on the aero platform of the car, [and] anything that gets the front ride height lower is beneficial from an aerodynamic perspective."

Recent reports had also suggested that Ferrari was looking into the process of developing a similar system, something that will now have been a waste of time and resources.

An FIA insider told BBC Sport though that Lotus and Ferrari seem 'unconcerned' by the ban.


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