Former F1 racer John Watson says changes made to the sport last year improved the show for fans - even if the championship race turned into very much a one-man show.

Sebastian Vettel's second championship crown came in a season where KERS returned to the sport, DRS was introduced, and a new tyre supplier joined the grid in the shape of Pirelli.

Despite Vettel's dominance, Watson said the changes made had made for an exciting season even if he admitted that some of the increased overtaking wasn't what he would class as 'motor racing'.

"I think it was a great season," he told Sky Sports. "Obviously it was dominated by a single team and a single driver but we had a lot of technology come in - we had the DRS, the drag reduction system, the reintroduction of KERS, the Kinetic Energy Recover System, and we had Pirelli tyres.

"That in itself provided a lot of overtaking, not necessarily what I would call motor racing, but it provided a lot of entertainment and for the audience they saw racing cars doing something they hadn't seen them do in quite a while and that was passing one another."

Watson added that the way in which Vettel had stormed to the title had shown he can already be classed amongst F1's best ever drivers with the rest of the field facing a challenge to stop the German from taking a hat-trick in 2012.

"At the age that Sebastian is, he's won two world championships, I hadn't yet driven a Formula One car," Watson said. "The man, you could almost call him a boy, he's just amazing, his ability in the cockpit. Maybe more amazing to me is his ability outside of the cockpit, the way that he can deal with speaking in a foreign language, in English in particular, his communication skills are equal of those to his driving skills, he is a remarkable young man.

"In reality he has the potential to go into 2012, win another world championship, make it three in a row, assuming that Red Bull provide him with the equipment and I think they are going to be a very difficult team to knock off their winning perch, so Sebastian Vettel you have to say is already a great and he's going to look even better probably in ten years time."


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