McLaren has denied reports suggesting that it was speaking to Craig Pollock's PURE company about a future F1 engine supply.

Reports in the Italian media had suggested that PURE was being seen as a possible option for the Woking-based team when its current deal with Mercedes comes to an end.

The current deal in place runs until the end of the 2015 season.

"McLaren has had absolutely no contact with PURE for many months," a McLaren spokesman told Reuters.

"Moreover, the contact we did have with PURE, many months ago, was of an entirely informal nature, and was merely a courtesy gesture."

PURE is currently developing an engine ready for the change in F1 regulations which is due to come into place for the 2014 season - when cars will be powered by V6 turbo-charged engines.

McLaren has been linked with an engine deal away from Mercedes ever since the manufacturer sold back the shares it owned in the team and purchased the Brawn outfit - which has since been rebranded as Mercedes GP.


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- first they lose Newey to Red Bull
- then Pat Frey ran away to F1s greatest team
- Fernando Alonso is harassed and sabotaged to make way for little darling
- followed by key staff of several technical departments
- now Mercedes abandons them and they have to lower themself to PURE

great job Lewie, well done, him, Big Ron and the cleaning lady will make for a great F1 team in coming years.