McLaren has become the second F1 team to reveal its 2012 F1 challenger after taking the covers off the MP4-27 at its Woking base.

Although resembling the car it replaces, the MP4-27 - which will once again be driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button - features a 'substantially revised' chassis with all major systems having been updated or redesigned.

The rear end of the car has been redesigned to help improve air flow while there is also a revised cooling system and the sidepods have been redesigned to fit into new exhaust regulations in place for the year ahead.

Notably, the MP4-27 doesn't feature the stepped nose design seen on the new Caterham when it was revealed last week - leading Button to quip that the new McLaren is 'a beautiful car [and] many of them that you will see will not be!'.

"It's a very exciting day for us all," Button, who will drive the car on the first day of testing at Jerez next week, then added. "It's the moment when we see how hard we've all been working. I want to say thanks to the guys who have been working flat out throughout the winter to develop this car.

"Testing is now very important. We've got to come out of the box and be strong. Testing is what it says on the tin, it's about finding your feet, about gaining in confidence in the team you're working with and the car you're driving."

Hamilton meanwhile was also impressed with the new challenger, which McLaren hopes will be the car to take back the titles from Red Bull during the year ahead.

"I'm massively motivated," he said. "We have a good-looking car and generally when you have a good-looking car it is a good car too.

"The nose dips down a little bit to last year and they've changed the mirrors so hopefully I'll see a bit better than I did last year - Felipe will be very happy with that! It's snug at the back to improve aerodynamics. Without the blown diffuser we lose an incredible amount of downforce. So that's the biggest loss for us and we'll try to regain it in other ways.

"I think as we get into the season we'll improve and find out where that downforce can come. But I think the guys have done a fantastic job."



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