Martin Whitmarsh says McLaren isn't planning to try and develop its own F1 engine when the regulations within the sport change, and also insists that there are currently no plans to move away from Mercedes.

With sport set to switch to V6 turbo-powered engines in 2014, there has been widespread speculation about the route McLaren would take, with the rumour mill suggesting that the team could end its long-standing deal with Mercedes when its current agreement comes to an end.

Honda has been mentioned as possible option, while a link to the new PURE company being run by Jacques Villeneuve's former manager being denied earlier this week.

Speaking during the launch of the new MP4-27, Whitmarsh was asked about whether or not McLaren would consider developing its own engines but insisted there were no plans to develop a powerplant in-house.

"Ultimately Formula 1 is a very, very powerful environment to promote a brand," he said. "People will speculate because of our road car programme, but we have no plans - in the short-term, medium-term or long-term - to manufacturer our own F1 engines.

"We have had a great partner in Mercedes for 18 years and they probably make the best engine in F1. We enjoy that partnership and intend to continue for a number of years."