Following the roaring success of the documentary film Senna not just within motorsport circles but also among the wider general public, the 'Prancing Horse' of F1, Ferrari, looks set to also be given the Hollywood touch.

Tom Cary, F1 correspondent for Britain's Telegraph newspaper, has reported within his blog not one but two Ferrari blockbusters appear to be in the pipeline, among other intriguing rumours.

The films, said to be named Maranello, after the birthplace of the Prancing Horse, and Enzo, which needs no explaining, will be set in the 1920s and 1950s respectively.

Both apparently are rumoured to be produced by the newly formed London filmmaker Luminaire Film in collaboration with Steve Clark-Hall of Skyline Films along with boasting 'A-list' talent.

Skyline Films has notably co-produced a number of blockbusters including Sherlock Holmes and Green Zone, so the name of Ferrari should be in good hands.

Incidentally, while the topic of F1 in America seems to the rife at the moment, financial backing for the films which stand at $200m is said to have come from the States. Either the sport is genuinely beginning to make a mark in America or Hollywood is acknowledging F1 can make money within the film industry.

Separately from Luminaire Film, two more potential films could well grace our screens as Manish Pandey, who wrote the screenplay for Senna, is reportedly working on yet another Ferrari project, called Ferrari: La Scuderia, focusing on the glamorous lives of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins on and off track and set in 1957.

Finally, a book written by well-known F1 journalist Joe Saward also looks set to be turned into a movie. The Grand Prix Saboteurs tells the story of three grand prix drivers during the 1920s and '30s working for allied forces as spies during World War II.

by Simon Evans


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