Adrian Newey moved to disappoint potential F1 suitors when he pledged his future to Red Bull Racing at the opening test of the 2012 season.

The British aero ace - who has produced a string of championship-winning cars for Williams, McLaren and, in the past two years, Red Bull - has long been the target of rival operations, notably Ferrari, but insists that he will remain in Milton Keynes for the foreseeable future.

Speaking with the media to discuss the latest car from Red Bull, which debuted on track at Jerez de la Frontera on Tuesday, Newey admitted that he was happy within the 'family' set-up at RBR.

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"So long as I am enjoying it and people want me to work here, I'll carry on doing so," he insisted, "I can't see myself going anywhere else."

While he once seemed similarly committed to McLaren, initially performing a u-turn on a move to the Jaguar team in 2001 and suggesting that a switch to America's Cup yachting may be his next move, Newey eventually decamped to Milton Keynes in 2006 and has since helped the team transform itself from the under-performing Jaguar Racing into a world-beater in Red Bull livery.

"I've been involved in the team from very early on, I feel very centrally involved in it and proud we've managed to get from the ashes of Jaguar to where we are today," he acknowledged.

"That in itself brings a huge amount of satisfaction and the slightly paternal feeling of wanting that to carry on. To now leave for another team would kind of feel a little like walking out on your children."

Newey's record of success has naturally made him a target for almost every other team on the grid, with Ferrari making no secret of its interest in getting him on board - along with reigning world champion, Sebastian Vettel [see story here].