Last year's F1 campaign may not have provided the same enthralling championship battle as in past seasons but the feisty - and often dramatic - on-track drama certainly made up for it.

Now, Red Bull's Mark Webber has forecast more of the same for 2012, despite the FIA clamping down on the 'one move' rule, which this year prohibits drivers from moving back onto the racing line having defended a position on the other side of the track.

The initiative, triggered by a number of on-track skirmishes, none more notable than Michael Schumacher's 'dark arts' pushing of the rules to the limit at Monza, comes in a bid to improve the level of overall safety.

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Some believe this will dampen the excitement but, as Webber explains, it should be far from the case.

"Well, there will be still hard racing," the Australian told the official F1 website, "But everything is getting safer. It's just like when you're on a construction site and you have to wear those hi-vis jackets.

"It will be hard and fair, that's my guess. You move once and that's it - you had better be in position by then."

Moving onto the Aussie's prospects for this year, the 2010 nearly man, apart from relishing the challenge of taking on the seemingly indestructible Sebastian Vettel, believes his preparation stands him in good stead for the coming season.

"It's true Sebastian had a fantastic season last year but, in 2010, everything was much closer," said Webber, "And I think it is the goal to bring it back to that at least.

"I am really looking forward to racing and have to say that I have prepared very well. I want to pick up where I left off in Brazil!"

by Simon Evans