Former F1 racer Marc Gene has called on the qualifying regulations in F1 to be changed for the season ahead to reduce the change of cars remaining in the garages during the final stage of the session.

At a number of events last season, fans failed to see ten cars take to the track in Q3 as teams elected to instead save tyres for race day - with the likes of Force India and Mercedes amongst those to use the tactic last year.

The tactic has often been employed because cars that qualify inside the top ten have to start the race on the same tyres they used to qualify, whereas those in eleventh and below are given free choice on what rubber to use.

Speaking at the latest FOTA Fans Forum event in Spain, Gene said he would like to see the rules changed to ensure that drivers take part in the final stage of the session, with the Spaniard arguing that it wasn't good for the fans for things to continue as they are.

"One thing which must be done is that we must change Q3 under the current qualifying format," he said. "We can't keep having these tyre games, with sometimes as few as six cars on-track at the end. It's not good for the sport or the fans.

"It has to change - I'm not sure how, but something has to be done about it."