Former F1 racer Martin Brundle admits that the new Ferrari has failed to impress him thus far in 2012, with the Sky Sports F1 commentator insisting that there are issues that need to be fixed before the season opener in Australia later this month.

So far, the F2012 has struggled to match the new cars from Red Bull and McLaren, with both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa insisting there is work to be done with the 'complex' machine.

Speaking to Sky Sports News after watching the first day of action during this week's test in Barcelona, Brundle said he felt Ferrari were currently lagging behind its rivals - with the former racer saying it was Red Bull and McLaren who were, unsurprisingly, impressing so far.

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"The Red Bull looks good, like the McLaren, but it is not glued to the track like it was last year," he said. "You can see Mark Webber working quite hard at the wheel so I can understand why some of my mates in the paddock, who I would trust to tell me about these sort of things, are saying it's looking really close. The Red Bull doesn't look head and shoulders above the other cars like it did, say, in the second half of last year.

"The Ferrari looks a bit of a handful, especially when it's coming out of a corner trying to put the power down. Instead of doing long runs, like the Red Bull and McLaren, they are still trying to sort their car. There's time yet, and they will put a lot of new parts on before Melbourne, and it doesn't look as bad as the McLaren did last year, but they've got some issues - there's no doubt about it."