Ferrari technical director Pat Fry has said he feels the Scuderia is in 'reasonable shape' with its new car despite admitting that there is work to be done to extract maximum performance from the F2012.

So far, the new car hasn't matched the kind of performance shown by Red Bull and McLaren, with the team appearing to take more time to adapt to the complex design than its rivals.

Having started to work on race simulation during the first two days of running in Spain this week, Ferrari will aim to use the final weekend of testing prior to the season opener in Australia to trial a series of new parts and Fry said he was sure the team would be up to speed when racing begins.

"I think we can say we are in reasonable shape," Fry told experienced F1 reporter Adam Cooper on his website, "Sure, you always try and be half a second quicker than everyone, knowing you are lapping constantly with 60 kilos of fuel on board. Clearly, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but all we can do is keep pushing on this front.

"We ran a mix of used softs and mediums for the simulation and now we must analyse the data in detail to understand where we are compared to the others. Initial impressions suggest the difference between one stint and another can be put down to the normal difference between tyres that have done different mileages. Some show significant degradation, others less.

"There will be other new components coming on the car for the final two days and then we will try and put together the best from every configuration for the first race."

Felipe Massa is back in action at Catalunya on Saturday, with Fernando Alonso completing the test on Sunday.