The United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas will be ready in time to host its inaugural race in mid-November, Tilke GmBH managing partner, Peter Wahl has said.

Work has been extended into the night in order to hasten the schedule along after delays earlier in the programme and 'fantastic progress' is now being made, Wahl added.

Indeed such has been the progress that round the work clock could now cease in a couple of weeks time.

"It's time to say it's OK. It will work," Wahl told The Statesman following trips to the site in January and February. "I can already say we will be ready earlier than November.

"I'm sure it will meet all the requirements of F1. It will be one of the best tracks in the world.

"It's like creating a baby. We are now still pregnant, but we know already that it will be born," he added.

Meanwhile, with New Jersey set to join the fold in 2013, hosting the 'Grand Prix of America' - which will run on a 3.2 mile street circuit running through West New York and Weehawken with Manhattan serving as a backdrop to the race - Wahl rejected talk that the two races would be in 'conflict'.

"I believe there can be a synergy," he continued.

"It's easier to have two tracks to promote rather than one. I see that as a benefit for both if you play it right."