The FIA has announced a series of minor changes to the sporting regulations ahead of the new F1 season, including a revision of the rules regarding the Drag Reduction System.

Under the new regulations, which are announced just a week before the opening round of the year in Australia, a restriction has been implemented for wet events which would give the race director the option of banning the use of the device if 'he feels visibility is too poor in wet conditions' - with the decision being taken due to 'safety concerns over large speed differentials between cars'.

As well as that, the FIA has confirmed that - in the event of both Friday sessions being declared wet - teams will be permitted to carry a set of dry weather tyres over to Saturday.

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The only other change is the to curfew which teams are forced to adhere to during a race weekend.

Under the revised rules, changes are to be implemented to ensure 'the rest periods remain constant throughout the season, irrespective of the timing of practice sessions at particular events'.