Mark Webber has claimed that his fellow drivers are probably unconcerned about the look of their cars this season, despite the stepped nose concept being widely hailed as producing some of the ugliest designs for a long time.

While McLaren and the McLaren-assisted Marussia teams have managed to avoid the need to put a step into their designs, due to having a lower chassis height than the rest of the field, the other ten squads have revealed cars with uncomfortable aesthetics. McLaren's Jenson Button appeared quite smug when commenting on the general look of the pack, but Red Bull rival Webber insisted that appearances mattered little once the drivers were in the cockpit.

"You can't see the nose from the cockpit, so it doesn't matter if it's last year or this year, you can't see it," he explained, "Honestly, you laugh, but you can't see it, so it doesn't really matter.

"Even if the front wing is not on the car, we can't see it so... We're very low in the car, as I found out [when tangling with Felipe Massa] in Monza last year. The looks? Yeah, they look ugly, for sure, [and] that's disappointing. It's an ugly regulation but that's the way most of the teams have gone."

The Australian remained loyal to the end, however, insisting that he preferred the look of the RB8 and hinting at the old racing mantra that a beautiful car is any one that wins races.

"[RBR designer] Adrian [Newey] always makes beautiful cars and I still think ours looks better than the McLaren, although the McLaren looks nice," he explained, "We will see which one gets the most champagne."

Ironically, Webber's comments came 24 hours before suggestions that the FIA was poised to act on suggestions from within the paddock and introduce regulations that would help eliminate the unsightly stepped nose concept ahead of 2013.