"An incredible win, absolutely unexpected, but that does not make it any less wonderful and emotional!" said a delighted Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali after seeing his driver Fernando Alonso take the chequered flag at the end of a stormy Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang.

But Domenicali was quick to add that this didn't change anything regarding Ferrari's situation and its ongoing technical problems with this year's F2012 chassis.

"Today's victory does not change a jot in terms of our situation, we know that," he said. "At the moment, we do not have a car competitive enough to fight for the win under normal conditions."

"This result must not be seen as a case of all our problems having unexpectedly solved themselves," insisted the team's technical director Pat Fry. "That's not the case and everyone is aware of it."

What the win did do was give the team extra cause to hope, and even more reason to knuckle down and get to the root of their problems.

"Clearly this win gives us even more motivation, because it shows that this championship is not at all clear cut and anything can happen," he said. "A slight improvement in performance can result in a good step forward compared to other teams."

"I am proud of this fantastic group of people," said Fernando Alonso after celebrating up on the podium. "While we have been going through this difficult time, no one gave up, in fact everyone has doubled their efforts to try and catch up.

"The strategy was perfect, the mechanics did an impeccable job, the engineers did their best in preparing the car and I drove at my maximum for all 56 laps of the race," continued the race winner. He admitted that he really hadn't been expecting much after Saturday's qualifying session: "Our aim was damage limitation for these early races of the championship - and now we even find ourselves leading the classification!"

But like his team boss, Alonso was also careful to keep a sense of perspective on today's success and not get carried away by what had been the result of - by anyone's standards - a series of pretty freakish events.

"I would never have bet on this win and I would think anyone who did so must have picked up a tidy sum!" he said. "Now we absolutely have to improve the performance starting right away with the races in China and Bahrain. We must get back to work immediately so as to find at least the two or three tenths that could put us back in the fight for the top places."

"We will enjoy this moment for a few hours," agreed Domenicali. "But tomorrow we must be back in the factory again pushing on the development of this F2012.


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