Four months without a Grand Prix and then two come along in consecutive weekends - no wonder it already all feels like a mad dream when we look back at the events of Australia and Malaysia. If your head is still left spinning by the drama of the storm-hit Sepang race, then the kindly folk at have arranged private medical cover for your recuperation and rehabilitation.

Let's start by testing your reflexes, reasoning skills and general all-round memory power with the ever-dependable diagnostic tool of the brisk ten-part quiz, reviewing the events from both Grands Prix held in March.

So just how much do you recall about the two weekends - not just the races themselves, but also the practice and qualifying sessions, the press conference interviews and the tantrums? The quiz features crashes, clashes and splashes (in the case of a very wet Malaysia at least!) in order to give your psyche a gentle pummelling. And no decent F1 quiz would be complete without a chaser question of motorsports history to set the context of the action to date, would it?

We hope the quiz revitalises those parts that other F1 quizzes can't quite reach, and to sweeten the medicine we're hoping that it's fun and interesting as well as merely stretching.

Just try and make sure you steer clear of Google, Wikipedia and all those other invaluable online repositories of knowledge (including's own superlative news archives!) when you give the quiz a go in order to get the best therapeutic use out of the experience - we wouldn't want you subjected to any post-race disqualifications, now would we?

Ready to show us what you've got? To take the quiz, CLICK HERE.

Don't forget to let the doctor (and everyone else in the waiting room come to that) know how you did by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below.


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