HRT boss Luis Perez Sala has admitted it unlikely that the Spanish team will be able to introduce KERS during the 2012 F1 season.

The new F112 was designed to accommodate a KERS system although the early focus this season has been very much on making sure the team was able to make it onto the grid - which it managed for the first time in Malaysia.

Speaking to El Confidencial, Perez-Sala admitted that continuing to qualify was the main aim and that fitting KERS was likely to be put on the back burner.

"We have a car we are yet to discover," he said. "It is designed to carry KERS but in the short term we will not (use it). We don't think we're going to race with it this year so, in this respect, it's not perfect. Right now, we have assembled the car in a hurry and so the private testing at Mugello, just after Bahrain, will be very important to us."

Former Minardi driver Perez-Sala added that the team expected to improve performance when it completes its relocation to a new HQ in Madrid

"After Bahrain, we will have the cars here," he said from the new headquarters. "From the Spanish grand prix, we will begin to function more effectively. In China and Bahrain we will improve things in the car and the team, but it is a slow process that will last all year. As I sit here (in Madrid), some people are in Valencia, others in Germany, England ... the cars are flying to China and we need to address issues of reliability, not just performance."