HRT has asked the FIA to look into whether Caterham - then running as Lotus Racing - was able to benefit from using parts based on Force India designs back in 2010.

In late 2009, Force India ended its working relationship with Aerolab, which then started work with Caterham - then Lotus - just days later.

Force India claimed that the Lotus T127 had featured a large number of parts copied from Force India's design and although the court stated that the intellectual property rights had been used as a 'shortcut' it threw out claims that there has been 'systematic copying' of the design - although Caterham was still fined EUR25,000 for its use of intellectual property.

Force India has already said it will appeal against the ruling - arguing that the compensation awarded isn't representative of the breach in regulations that occurred - while Marussia Racing is also reported to have raised the matter with the FIA.

HRT are now set to follow suit and could gain the most financially if Caterham was excluded from the 2010 for a breach of the rules - as it would then be promoted into tenth place.

"HRT has made an enquiry to the FIA to review the judgement in respect of the UK High Court civil case against Caterham," a team spokesperson revealed to ESPNF1. "HRT will take any measures that may be considered appropriate.

"If there have been any illicit moves that may have been beneficial for some and detrimental for our team, HRT will obviously take a stand against it."


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