The much-hyped meeting between Bernie Ecclestone and representatives of the twelve F1 teams to discuss their participation in the Bahrain Grand Prix lasted all of 20 minutes and wrapped up with little in the way of dissent following the FIA's decision to continue sanctioning the race.

Prior to the governing body's early morning confirmation that the troubled race would go ahead as planned, the meeting had been seen as a potential defining moment in the drawn-out debate over the viability of taking F1 back to Bahrain next weekend. However, with little left in the way of 'wiggle room' following their decision to leave the final say in the hands of the FIA, the teams appeared meek when confronted by Ecclestone.

According to sources party to what went on in the brief meeting, the F1 ringmaster - who has never wavered in his support of the Sakhir event - entered, told the team principals that the race was going ahead, asked if there was any opposition and, when none was forthcoming, called an end to the discussion. Footage of several team bosses leaving the meeting room showed them smiling....

""Quite the opposite," Ecclestone told Sky Sports when asked if there had been any protest about the FIA's decision, "The race is on the calendar and has been for a long time. We'll be there, and all the teams are happy to be there."

Asked to confirm whether he would personally be braving the tension in Bahrain, however, Ecclestone's mood changed, not replying in the affirmative, but branding the question 'stupid'. He has previously revealed that he intends to be present at Sakhir, and has no concerns over the safety of anyone involved in the F1 event.

The FIA announcement also means that support events such as GP2 and Porsche Supercup will also be making the trip to Bahrain, with the F1 feeder series due to have back-to-back race weekends at Sakhir.