Martin Brundle has backed the decision to go ahead with the Bahrain Grand Prix despite the ongoing political situation in the Gulf state.

Concern over safety has increased after Force India personnel were caught up in protests on Wednesday evening [See separate story HERE], with two team members then asking to return home.

The prospect of further protests is set to continue throughout the weekend, but Brundle insisted that F1 couldn't 'run away' from the problems and insisted that racing was the right thing to do.

"In many ways, I've never seen it looking better," he told Sky Sports. "Clearly, there is some trouble out there, but I've not seen any of it. Some journalists have gone looking for it and unfortunately the trouble found Force India.

"My view is this: F1 can't run away from this. The race is scheduled and it would be weak of F1 to do that and it [running away] would create problems in other parts of the world we go to. If I were in charge of F1, I would have made the same decision to come here and race. I think we're doing the right thing."

Force India has insisted it is committed to the race despite its team members being caught up in the incident, which wasn't aimed at the team.

"I think everybody's settled down," deputy team principal Robert Fernley said. "We've talked about it with the team. There are a few concerns, naturally, and we'd be foolish to think that there won't be some protests.

"I believe those protests will be peaceful. I believe the Bahrainians will get their message across for political discussion, which is where it needs to be. If Formula 1 gives them that platform to do so, then I think we should be pleased to help the healing process."


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Yea, great one Brundle
I really hope that nothing does happen this weekend, especially to the people of Bahrain or the innocent peoople who work or are cojnnected with any of the teams.

Just for the record, I have Sky, and I will always watch on the BBC whenever I can, I'm so glad this bullshitter is gone, long live JH (who he bad mouthed) EJ & DC... Talk about a turn off MB?... I'd turn your lights off you jealous twisted spiteful arrogant selfish excuse for an F1 driver!...

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