Sauber has revealed that a number of its team members witnessed unrest after leaving the Sakhir circuit on Thursday evening.

Personnel from the team were returning to the capital city Manama when they came across masked protestors and a fire on the roadside.

Unlike Force India personnel 24 hours earlier, there was no impact on the Sauber crew.

"Yesterday (Thursday) night at 2030 (local time) a minibus of the Sauber F1 Team had left the circuit to go back to the Novotel in Manama," a statement from the team published by the BBC read. "At 2050 (local time) the 12 mechanics being on that bus noticed fire on the medial strip of the highway. The traffic was slow, cars had their hazard flashers on. On the opposite lane there was no traffic.

"The team members saw a few masked people running from there over to their lane where a bottle was burning as well. The mini bus moved to the very right side of the highway and went past the situation.

"No one from the Sauber F1 Team was hurt."

Force India has already decided to miss FP2 ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix to allow its team members to leave the Sakhir circuit before darkness.


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