"I'm pleased that the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend is over," Mark Webber admitted in a post on his official website on Monday. "I'm looking forward to getting back to Europe and racing on some proper circuits."

That's the sort of refreshingly unguarded honesty that the Australian racer is known for, and he goes on to admit that being so near to the podium for all four races this season only to fall short each time was getting old very fast.

"I've been frustratingly close to the podium on each occasion this year," he said, before looking on the bright side to immediate add: "Four fourth places is better than four fifth places!

"Overall, it's been a good opening segment of the season for me and Red Bull Racing," he added. "But I'm looking forward to getting on a plane and going back to Europe."

As for his race, Webber revealed that a technical glitch had ruined his best chance of stealing into second place behind his team mate Sebastian Vettel and ahead of McLaren's Lewis Hamilton into turn 1.

"It wasn't a bad start," he insisted. "I didn't have KERS for the first lap, so it was difficult to put pressure on Lewis, but then I got it back."

Once Hamilton was eliminated from contention by a poor first pit stop by his team, Webber found himself overwhelmed by the challenge from first Romain Grosjean and then the Frenchman's Lotus F1 team mate Kimi Raikkonen.

"In the first two stints, I couldn't stay with those guys - the two Lotuses and Seb - so I had to consolidate from there," he confirmed. "I wasn't happy with the balance of the car either. By the last stint the balance was better, but there was no way I could live with the three guys in front."

As the race wore on, Webber found himself almost half a minute off the back of Grosjean's car in third, but not under any threat himself. All he had to do in the end was keep it running to the chequered flag. "It wasn't the most exciting race for me," he agreed.

"I was a bit surprised by the pace of some other cars today," said Webber. "Lotus has a tidy car and when everything comes together, it works well - they did a good job today and it shows how tight the Championship is, [that] there have been four different winners.

"And look at the pace of McLaren and Mercedes!" he added, pointing to the difficult day experienced by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, "while Nico went from dominating in China to being less competitive here."

Webber told his website, MarkWebber.com, that he expected this sort of wild swing to continue happening throughout 2012 because of the sensitivity of the cars and the precision sweet spot of the tyres.

For the short term, Webber simply hopes that a return to Europe will mean a chance to try out some of the upgrades to the Red Bull car that the factory staff have been working on. Webber will be the man behind the wheel of the car for an upcoming three-day test session in Mugello between now and the next race event, the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 13.

"We have a lot of new bits coming through and on the evidence of these opening races we'll need them because it's very close out there," he said, adding that he hoped those revisions would provide him with the missing link he needed to follow in Vettel's footsteps on race day.

"I look forward to joining the winner's rostrum soon," he smiled.