Daniel Ricciardo admits he is still disappointed by his start in the Bahrain Grand Prix having missed out on the opportunity to score his second points finish of the season.

The Australian produced a stunning performance in qualifying at the Sakhir circuit to secure a place on three third row of the grid but a disastrous opening saw him plummet down to 16th.

From there, the Toro Rosso driver was only able to fight his way back up to 15th at the finish but he said he was still kicking himself over his poor start and the opportunity lost as a result.

"It was a shame," he said in his Red Bull blog. "It was frustrating. It was disappointing. It's a race to forget but chances are I won't do that very easily.

"My start wasn't great. I had a lot of wheel spin and got off the line badly. Then I arrived at the first corner on the inside - which was probably the wrong side - and braked too early and about half the field went around the outside and got past me. Then in the second sector of the lap I had contact - with whom I'm not sure - and damaged the front wing. Basically, that first lap was a complete... (word I'd rather not say!)

"Whoever you are, this is going to happen from time to time. You're supposed to blank it and get on with the race - but being brutally honest it's hard to blank something like that. When I came around to begin the second lap I knew I was 16th, I knew I had a damaged car and I knew the advantage I'd had starting sixth had blown away. You want to pretend it's not happening and imagine you're going to get another chance. The pitboard says otherwise."

Ricciardo added that he had looked back at his procedure for the start and hadn't done anything different to normal, with things simply not going to plan.

"I didn't do anything I wouldn't normally do in Bahrain," he said. "I actually felt pretty good as I got in, and the nerves weren't playing up. I didn't freeze up and make a mess of the procedure - it's just that we struggled. It's something I've got to figure out. I'll think about it before the next race.

"Do I now forget about it and brush it off as just one of those things? No, of course not. I'll dwell on it - and nothing is quite as good for dwelling as a long flight with nothing else to do. At some point I'll be fine and looking forward to Barcelona - but I'm not there yet."


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