'If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying' DVD is now on sale and you can get it for just ?11.69 by entering a special Crash.net discount code, provided by our friends at Duke Video.

Information about the new DVD (pictured) can be found below, but here's how you can save ?'s on the RRP:

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'If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying' DVD

"The epic 1973 season is a legend of Grand Prix racing, a year which saw two of the greatest drivers of their generation go head-to-head, and two of the all-time great teams in the ultimate showdown.

"The behind-the-scenes story of this incredible Formula One season is revealed in 'If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying', an extraordinary fly-on-the-wall documentary following JPS Team Lotus through a year of triumph, tragedy, frustration and elation.

"New on DVD from Duke, the film takes its title from a comment made by Lotus boss Colin Chapman which beautifully sums up his attitude to the sport, and attitude seen throughout this DVD.

"Rightly regarded as one of the truly great sports films, 'If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying' grants unprecedented access to one of F1's most famous teams at the height of its powers.

"Moving from race to race, cameras capture the on and off-circuit drama, including scintillating race action from famous tracks like Monaco, Silverstone, Monza and Zandvoort.

"It is a rare chance to see - and hear - what happened inside the team before, during and after the era defining races from the men at the heart of the action, including legendary team boss Colin Chapman, competition manager Peter Warr, reigning World Champion driver Emerson Fittipaldi and teammate Ronnie Peterson.

"The film, narrated by legendary sports journalist Ian Wooldrige, charts the story of the season as Team Lotus goes head-to-head with the Tyrrells of Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert, discovering the mechanical woes, revealing team frustrations, joining celebrations and sharing the emotions of a season which would see Lotus secure the Constructor's Championship in terrible circumstances, with the death of Cevert.

"It is a rare glimpse into the highly-charged atmosphere of Grand Prix racing in the 1970s, witnessing the teams as news of crashes is received, feeling the tension as yet another car is stripped and rebuilt with just hours until the race, and hearing about the challenges faced by the drivers - including Emo's burnt behind in Monaco!

"In addition to racing action, trackside footage and the chance to watch the mechanics at work, throughout the film Chapman reflects on the highs and lows of 1973, offering a unique perspective on F1 as a sport and business, handling drivers, coping with failure and dealing with the tragedy which dogged Grand Prix racing at the time.

"For any fan of motorsport, or indeed sport of any kind, 'If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying' is essential viewing."