Mark Webber has downplayed reports in the Spanish press that he will leave Red Bull at the end of the season to join Ferrari.

Speculation had suggested that the Australia, who is a on a rolling one-year deal with Red Bull and has been for some time, had already signed a deal to replace Felipe Massa for 2013.

The signing of Webber would be on a short-term deal, with Ferrari's longer-term plan reported to be to team Fernando Alonso up with Mexican Sergio Perez, who is already a member of the Ferrari young driver programme and impressed in chasing Alonso throughout the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Webber himself however has been quick to pour cold water on the reports, insisting that he hadn't signed a deal with anyone for next season and was just focusing on the job at hand.

"Sergio was flavour of the month last week for the Ferrari drive; now it's me," Webber said in a media briefing at Mugello. "I'm focusing 100 per cent on this season and doing the best job for myself and Red Bull Racing. I'm not putting any energy into anything else. We have a whole season ahead before you start thinking about our future. One day there is talk that Jenson will go to Ferrari, then Sergio, now me.

"I haven't signed anything. My focus is on this team; we've had a good start to the season, we're only four races down and the road is very, very, very long before we start talking about the future."