With F1 back in Europe for a few weeks to take a bit of a breather, try out some new innovations (and dodge the weather) at Mugello, and then have some fun racing on some historic F1 circuits 'on the back door' in Barcelona and Monaco, we get a chance to sit down and review the action from the last two flyaway races that opened the 2012 season.

With all the controversy about the will they/won't they, should they/shouldn't they race in Bahrain, it was easy for some of the on-track action to get lost in the mix: which is a shame, because both races contained plenty of action, excitement, incident and even controversy of their own.

From the thrill of a brand new Grand Prix winner in the guise of Mercedes' Nico Rosberg in a chilly Shanghai in China, to the return to the top spot of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel at Sakhir in Bahrain but only by just managing to fend off a resurgent Kimi Raikkonen in the Lotus, there's been plenty to talk about. But just how much did you spot about what was going on, and how much have you managed to retain in the memory banks once the F1 teams packed up and jetted off for home back in Europe?

We've tried to distil down the events of April for you into one easy-to-administer ten-part quiz that refreshes the parts of the brain that might still be feeling a bit jet-lagged from all the long-distance action. We've also tried to hunt out a few fascinating facts that might interest you but which possibly escaped everyone's notice first time around.

Have you been paying attention to who set the fastest laps, or which lap the key moments of the race in Bahrain took place, or where the DRS zones were in Shanghai? Who pitted or retired when, who missed out in qualifying and who started well in the race? If you have, this quiz should be a cinch. If not ... Well, let's see if it's your lucky day on the guessing front!

If you want to stay away from the post-quiz steward's investigations, just try and resist the temptation of using Google, Wikipedia and all those other invaluable online repositories of knowledge (yes, even Crash.net's own superlative news archives!) when you give the quiz a go so that nothing interferes with your legitimate bragging rights once the quizzing is over.

Ready to show us what you've got? To take the quiz, CLICK HERE.

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