FIA president Jean Todt has visited the HRT team's new factory at the Caja M?gica in Madrid.

Todt was given a tour of the facility by CEO Sa?l Ruiz de Marcos and team principal Luis P?rez-Sala, with work currently ongoing at the base to prepare for the Spanish Grand Prix next weekend.

HRT missed the three-day test at Mugello this week in order to complete the move into its new factory having elected to bring its programme together under one roof on Spanish soil.

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"I'm happy to be in Spain today because we are going to give a special award to the King, Juan Carlos I," Todt said. "But also because today I've got a great opportunity to visit HRT Formula 1 Team's beautiful and new facilities alongside my friends from the Spanish Motorsport Federation, the RACE and the RACC.

"The facilities are impressive, modern and functional. You can see that everything is brand new and it will be even better once they've spent a couple of months there working. I wish the best for the future of HRT."

Perez-Sala welcomed Todt's visit and said the move into the new factory would help the team achieve its long-term aim of moving forward up the F1 grid.

"We're very thankful towards Jean Todt for having the courtesy of coming to visit us and we're delighted to have received him and shown him the new facilities," he said. "It was important for him to come and see it personally because on the track all you can see are the cars. You can explain everything that's behind the scenes but nothing compares to seeing it and experiencing it firsthand to understand the work that is being done.

"It also gives a chance to explain him the team's current project and plans to grow in the future. That growth that we're currently experiencing and will continue to do so is what, with time, will translate into an improvement on the track. I also want to thank the rest of the FIA members, Carlos Gracia and the Spanish Federation, the RACC and the RACE for joining us and I'm very proud that they are also a part of this."