Sky Sports F1 pundit Johnny Herbert has urged Lewis Hamilton to think twice about leaving McLaren.

Hamilton's deal with the Woking-based outfit expires at the end of this season and that has led to all sorts of speculation about what he should or shouldn't do as he looks to repeat his title success from 2008. Although Hamilton himself said last month that he is not interested in thinking about the future yet and that he is in 'no rush' to re-sign [see separate story - HERE], Herbert reckons he will be foolish to leave.

"If you are basing it on what we have seen so far this season, it would be one of those things, 'Okay you want to move, you potentially want to move on, but where would you go?' It is a very hard thing to call at the moment," Herbert replied to during a recent Sky Sports F1 phone-in ahead of this weekend's 2012 F1 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

"Also the way McLaren has been during his time there and even in previous years, McLaren have always been there or there abouts. They are always a team that develops very well during the season. They still potentially have a championship winning car, so, from that point of view, would you want to move?

"He is pretty much cemented into the core of the team - and I think he is with one of the best, if not the best team, that can give him a car that he needs so that he can win another world championship, which he could quite possibly do this season too.

"I think it is a very difficult to say if it is the right time for him to move on. But my heart says, no, it is not because McLaren are in a very good position at the moment to possibly give him or Jenson [Button - his team-mate] a second world championship.

"It is a tough thing to read, especially this season, because there is no guarantee if he chooses to go to Ferrari or Red Bull, for example, that they are the places to be, because that is not really the case at the moment, as we are seeing."

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