Rival drivers have reacted to Vitaly Petrov's criticism of the fact that Mugello was used for the recent three-day F1 test, with others suggesting that the Italian venue was an interesting choice for the first in-season test for a number of years.

Caterham driver Petrov questioned whether or not the circuit was 'too small' for modern F1 cars after his day on track [See separate story HERE], with those comments then being raised during the Thursday FIA press conference in Spain.

Petrov's viewpoint seemingly wasn't one shared by his colleagues on the grid however, with Mugello proving to be popular with other drivers in the field.

"I think everyone will have his opinion," Fernando Alonso insisted. "I'm not someone to say that Vitaly is right or wrong. It's more maybe the safety commission's job or whatever. Personally, everyone will have their opinion, as I said. I like Mugello, I like the layout, I like the feelings, the emotions that you have driving there.

"As I said after the test, driving one lap in Mugello is like driving one hundred at another circuit, for adrenalin and how much you enjoy the lap. We were in Italy, with a lot of Ferrari support. I enjoy those three days testing so much, but in terms of how safe the track was or not, I don't have the information to give an answer."

Force India's Nico Hulkenberg and defending champion Sebastian Vettel also agreed with Alonso that Mugello was welcome addition to the testing roster.

"Personally I enjoyed Mugello very much," Hulkenberg said said. "I think it's a very different circuit to all the others that we go to. You always feel like you're flying there, a lot of fourth, fifth, sixth gear action which is great to have. Like Fernando said, whether you feel safe or not is a very personal thing. I think it was okay."

"I think we all loved the track because it's different - like Nico said, there's a lot of high speed corners,' Vettel added. "Sure, if the speeds are high, there is higher risk. There is obviously quite a lot of run-off but surely here and there you would like to have more. As long as nothing happens, everything is fine; if something happens... it's always easy to say something after there's an incident and say this and that. I think it was not as if we felt we were scared. We left the garage feeling safe. I think if we would race there one day, potentially yes or no, then surely here or there you can argue to make improvements for safety, but I think they did everything they could on the day."