If there's trouble and controversy in F1 involving the race stewards, Lewis Hamilton never seems far away from the epicentre! This time he got into hot water after the McLaren pit crew put too little fuel into his car for his final run in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, a definite breach of the rules. Some form of punishment was surely inevitable?

Many were expecting his fastest Q3 time to be deleted, which would have dropped him back five positions on the starting grid at the Circuit de Catalunya. Others thought that the stewards might make an example of him and delete all his Q3 times and dump him back to tenth place on the grid. Few were expecting the race stewards to exclude all his times from qualifying altogether and demote him to the back row of the grid.

Did the race stewards get it right, or were they too harsh? Or perhaps they were even too lenient? Having deleted his times, maybe they shouldn't have given him special dispensation to start the race in Barcelona at all?

We think it's time for Crash.net readers to decide!

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