Caterham F1 owner Tony Fernandes has said that it gives him great pride to know that the supposedly cut-throat world F1 is populated by people prepared to put their lives on the line for others.

After witnessing images of the fire that swept through the Williams pit following the Spanish Grand Prix, Fernandes said that he had been proud to see members of his own team heading into the blaze in a an effort to either tackle the flames or rescue anyone trapped in the garage. Members of other teams were also involved in the situation, which fortunately ended without tragedy.

Four Caterham personnel were treated by medical teams after the fire, three for smoke inhalation and one for a fractured thumb, while seven members of the wider F1 fraternity were detained in hospital overnight, before being flown back to the UK.

"When I saw what happened in [Williams] garage, I was obviously concerned for the safety of my team and all the people from teams up and down the grid who showed incredible bravery, putting themselves in the middle of a very dangerous situation to help a fellow team," Fernandes, who missed the race in order to watch QPR's relegation match with Manchester City.

"The actions of the Williams team, people from our team and everyone else who helped out, stopped the situation escalating and it makes me incredibly proud to be part of a sport that shows such bravery and spirit."

Fernandes added that his team had been thanked personally by FIA president Jean Todt for their part in tackling the blaze.

"For us, teams like Williams set the standards we must reach on track, but we showed on Sunday that when faced with adversity we behave like a championship-winning team. That spirit is at the heart of our team and it is what we will call on to keep progressing and keep fighting to emulate the teams ahead."


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