Sergio Perez can't wait for the Monaco Grand Prix next weekend, and while he has admitted his accident there last year was a 'watershed event' for him, he is still really looking forward to it.

Perez crashed violently during the top-ten shootout, when he went off line as he exited the tunnel and was pitched into the right-hand barrier. Although he suffered no serious injuries, he had to sit out the race due to concussion, and he was also forced to miss the event in Canada two weeks later as well, after complaining he felt unwell following first practice.

The Mexican now reckons though that the events of 12 months ago have made him 'stronger' and following the disappointment in Spain last Sunday, where he recorded his first DNF of the season, he is eager to bounce back.

He is also confident Sauber have a car that will allow them to shine at F1's most famous and prestigious event.

"This Grand Prix is the most special one for me," Perez stated in the countdown to the sixth round on the 2012 F1 calendar. "I have been waiting to race in the Monaco F1 Grand Prix all my life and, of course, after what happened last year I am looking forward to it even more.

"I strongly believe on this track the driver can make more of a difference than on any other track.

"As a team we are in good shape and I want to keep that momentum for Monaco. I also think our car can perform quite well on that unique city circuit.

"Of course I also think back to the accident I had in Q3 last year. To me it is like a watershed event in my career.

"There is a time before and a time after the accident. I learnt a lot from what I had to go through and I think it made me stronger. I really want to show what I can do in Monte Carlo."