Red Bull pair Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber say they are looking forward to the challenge of competing in Monaco this weekend in the blue riband event on the F1 calendar.

Vettel took his first Monaco win last year, with Webber victorious the previous season, which mean Red Bull are chasing a third straight win on the Monte Carlo streets this weekend.

Speaking ahead of the race, Vettel admitted it was 'special' to compete on the street circuit and an amazing feeling behind the wheel when you are able to get a perfect lap.

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"It's something special to race in Monaco; it's tight and there's no room for error," he said. "It's rough and, as it's a street circuit, the road surface is uneven so you get shaken in the car and there is no room for mistakes. You have to push yourself and the car to the limit to be fast, you have to push as hard as on other tracks, but there's no room.

"You can almost feel it when you are just missing the wall and just get through - but it's a nice feeling. You need to be fully focused on track, it's a special thing to win in Monaco."

Webber added that the challenges presented by Monaco ensured that it remained a true test for drivers.

"Monaco is a really special track, it's an old circuit in terms of when it was first designed and the layout hasn't changed too much since," he said. "It's got a bit easier from when I first joined Formula One ten years ago, but it's still a test of man against the track and with the car.

"You're racing other people, but it doesn't always feel like it because the track is always asking you to give more. If you bite and try to give it more then you crash so it's a very, very challenging circuit mentally. Physically it's quite straightforward, but in the mind you need to be very disciplined and that's the challenge around Monaco."