Jenson Button has warned that the unpredictable nature of the current F1 season could turn fans off the sport if they start to believe that 'anyone can win a grand prix'.

Unlike the previous three seasons, when Button himself and then Sebastian Vettel emerged as dominant champions, the current campaign has seen a record-breaking six winners in as many races with the 2012 Pirelli tyres doing plenty to spice up the action as teams struggle to get them to work to their maximum.

So far this season, the unpredictable nature of the racing has led to some exciting action on track but Button warned that fans could end up questioning whether the sport is becoming too random.

"Fernando is leading because he has been more consistent than other people," he was quoted by Sporting Life. "Whether he is in the best car or not no-one is ever going to know, but the consistency is there. He is obviously doing a great job - the car is working well - whereas there aren't many other drivers that have had that consistency.

"Clearly everyone is excited about so many different winners, which initially was great for the fans and great for the sport. But there will come a time when the fans will say, 'So anyone can win a grand prix, everyone can lose a grand prix like that?' (snaps his fingers). I think they're finding it a little bit strange now.

"I don't know, but hopefully a pattern will emerge after the next couple of races and we'll understand the teams and drivers we need to beat to win the championship."

Button failed to score for the third time this season in Monaco and now sits 31 points behind Alonso as a result.