BBC analyst and former F1 designer Gary Anderson has claimed that Mark Webber could have done more to help Sebastian Vettel secure a podium finish in the Monaco Grand Prix.

While Webber started from pole position and went on to secure his first win of the year, Vettel started down in ninth place having failed to set a time in Q3 and then elected to take a different strategy to the cars ahead as he went with the harder of the two compound of tyres for his first stint.

That meant Vettel was able to go longer before pitting, leading the race before making his first stop and then emerging in fourth place having jumped ahead of both Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa.

However, Anderson said that Webber could have helped Vettel to finish higher had he backed up the drivers behind him after his own stop, although the former Jordan man conceded that the Australian would have been keen to ensure he didn't risk losing his lead in what was a 'flawless' drive.

"Strategy was a gamble for everyone in Monaco," he wrote in a column on the BBC website. "The front-runners didn't know how long their super-soft tyres would last; and the same went for Vettel on his softs. The safety car at the beginning of the race really helped the guys at the front on super-softs keep them in decent shape.

"Normally, the rears get quite hot off the start-line, and if you can't get that back under control again, they deteriorate. That is what defines the normally short length of the first stint. Vettel probably lost out a little bit as a result of that.

"Webber could actually have done a little bit more help to Vettel in his attempt to gain positions - had he backed Rosberg and Alonso up a little more, Vettel might have been able to sneak in among them.
Webber would have been wary of getting jumped by Vettel himself, but he should have been able to make sure that didn't happen, knowing what the minimum time for a pit stop is.

"It was a great drive from Webber. He controlled it from the front in very testing conditions - the rain towards the end gave plenty of chance to screw up, but he was flawless."


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