Fernando Alonso has said that while the unpredictability this year has been fantastic, there is a danger the sport could lose its credibility if is perceived that winning is now just a bit of a 'lottery'.

The sport has produced a record six different winners from as many races so far this season, with Mark Webber the latest man to win in Monaco last weekend, however, while that has kept people on the edge of their seats, the Spaniard believes if it goes on it could become detrimental, echoing comments made by both Jenson Button [see separate story - HERE] and Webber [see separate story - HERE] in recent weeks.

"It's a fantastic season [so far], it's so unpredictable. I think people stand in front of the TV, with some surprises every race. It's good for the audience, it's good for the sport to bring attention to the races," the Ferrari driver told CNN.

"On the other hand though, we can lose credibility. We cannot lose that the best teams, the best drivers, the best strategies win the races, because at the moment from the outside it seems that in every race anyone can win.

"It doesn't matter the talent, it doesn't matter the team, the performance - it's like a lottery. What you achieve in F1 is not by chance. We need to make clear that if you win a race, it's because you did something better. And I don't think at the moment that this is clear for everybody."

Alonso meanwhile left Monte Carlo at the top of the standings, 3 points up on Sebastian Vettel and Webber.

So can he win the title?

"Things are complex and not straightforward and I think it will be quite tight for the championship," he added. "There is not one car dominating the season as we saw in the last couple of years.

"I think we will be there. I don't know if we will be champions but we will fight until the last race, I am sure."