Red Bull's motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, has insisted that the team's Canadian Grand Prix preparations have not been adversely affected following the FIA's recent floor ruling.

A directive was issued by race director and technical head Charlie Whiting at the end of last week confirming the u-turn, after rumblings in Monaco and speculation the result could be protested as a result of the holes towards the rear of the RB8 [see separate story - HERE].

Marko has now said though, that the team wasn't planning to run the car in that configuration in Montreal anyway.

"We are not disturbed in our race preparation by this decision," Marko is reported to have said, according to and

"We had not planned to use this floor in Montreal anyway. We had prepared a different configuration using a flat version of the floor. Therefore we do not need to modify the cars in Canada."

He also pointed out that the clarification wasn't solely aimed at Red Bull.

"This concerned other teams too, not only Red Bull Racing," he added.