Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery says he expects varied strategy to play a role in the outcome of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend.

The tyre supplier will take the supersoft and soft tyres to Montreal, as was the case in the final race in Monaco, although the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is set to provide a completely different challenge to the streets of the principality a fortnight ago.

Heavy braking areas and the need to gain traction out of a series of slow and medium speed corners will put added pressure on the tyres and Hembery said it was likely to lead to an exciting race in Montreal.

"We go from Monaco to Canada: two of the most spectacular races of the year," he said. "Not only is Montreal a fantastic place to hold a race, but it's also a great circuit. The soft and supersoft tyres should be able to demonstrate more of their natural characteristics than they were able to in Monaco, where drivers are constrained by very low average speeds and not much energy going through the tyre. This enabled them to complete very long runs even on the supersoft, which should not be the case in Montreal where the tyres have more work to do.

"Tyres have traditionally played a very important role in this race, especially if it rains. We saw how being on the right tyre at the right time enabled Jenson Button to win the Canadian Grand Prix last year even after six visits to the pit lane. That race was far from typical though, so we've not yet had experience of running the supersoft in Canada under normal conditions. The practice sessions will be vital for the teams to understand how exactly it works on full tanks in particular.

"We think we will see several different strategies at work, with teams likely to split their strategies in order to cover every possibility."

With mixed weather expected, the green intermediate tyres and blue wet tyres are also likely to make an appearance over the course of the weekend.