Jenson Button insists that he will turn his season around after a disappointing run of form saw him lose ground in the F1 title race.

Having taken victory in the season opener in Australia, Button had dropped away from the championship lead having scored just two points in the last three races.

The McLaren man goes into the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend sitting 31 points behind points leader Fernando Alonso and he admitted that he needed a strong score in Montreal to get his challenge back on track.

"To be fair, I haven't looked at the points too much, but I don't think anyone is streaking ahead," he said. "It's been a mixed bag for me but in the last few races, I have retired twice and scored two points in the other, so they've not been my finest weekends.

"I need some good points to get it back on track but we all come here hoping and aiming for victory. As we've seen, being consistently in the points is key and I look forward to seeing what we can do this weekend."

Button added the has was confident of turning things around to once again fight for the podium finishes, with an improvement in qualifying being one of the key things he is focused on having failed to make it past Q3 in the past two races.

"Some of it has been down to Saturday afternoon but not all of it," he said. "When you put yourself in a difficult opposition in qualifying you can get either get lucky or unlucky at turn one and in Monaco we were unlucky.

"It hasn't really fallen into place but it is a competitive season and if something goes wrong you can be outside the top ten or scoring small points. In previous years, it would have been a shock to score one or two points for McLaren but this season is very different. If you look at the history of F1, there have always been big teams but this season, you wouldn't be able to pick McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari as the big teams because it has been so competitive.

"It hasn't gone our way but we'll turn it around and will be scoring big points."