Lewis Hamilton says he isn't rushing to decide his F1 future and could even wait until the end of the season before agreeing a deal for 2013.

The Briton is out of contract with McLaren at the end of the year and has been linked to a move elsewhere, most notably to Red Bull Racing where a seat could be on offer if Mark Webber elected not to extend his deal.

McLaren has made no secret of its desire to keep hold of the 2008 title winner but Hamilton said he might wait until the end of the season to decide his future with the current campaign having turned out to be more difficult than he had anticipated.

"I haven't even discussed anything," he was quoted by the Press Association. "I underestimated how difficult the season would be, how busy I would be, and I have also realised how unimportant it is at the moment.

"The championship is more important than what I plan to do, what my next contract will be. My future at the moment is not important - I might not even see next year! What's important is making sure I capitalise and maximise on this year."

Replying with a simple 'Possibly, yeah' when asked if the decision might not be made until after the season finale, Hamilton added that he wasn't even considering the options that might be available to him.

"I'm not looking at anyone," he said. "I'm just trying to focus on this season, focus on winning. I have other people to worry about those kind of things, and when the time comes they will sit down and say 'What do you want to do?' and I'll give them an answer.

"But I don't have to do that at the moment, and I'm not even thinking about it. I could sit down if I wanted to, but I've got a job at the moment and I'm in no rush. I really am in no rush at all.

"There's no need to do it now."