Sebastian Vettel insists that changes forced on Red Bull for the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend won't have a major impact on the team on track.

The team was forced to change the floor of the RB8 after the FIA decided that holes just in front of the rear wheels were against the regulations, despite the fact that the car has previously passed technical checks at a number of events.

Speaking ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, Vettel said he didn't feel the change would have much of an impact on the team on track with it being more of an inconvenience that it took time for a decision to be made.

"In the end I don't think that this issue can distract us and I honestly hope that this matter is settled soon once and for all," he told the official F1 website. "In reality I don't think that it makes a huge difference on the track - it is just a bit distracting that first it is illegal, then legal, and then illegal again. So what I mean is that in the future people should make a final decision - and spare us this back and forth.

"We are talking about tiny holes on both sides very close to the rear tyres. These holes were added to the car as a trial and error program and if they hadn't done something we would have closed them immediately. But it was indeed a bit of an improvement, though as they were added to the car along with other changes it is hard to say what they are really doing performance-wise. It is an interplay of several new findings. It would be too simple to say: holes on the car - rocket performance; holes closed - lame duck. So as I just said, it will not make a big difference - it's just the discussion about it is a bit tiring."

Vettel has yet to take a victory at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, despite his title wins in the past two seasons, and he said he was looking forward to trying to secure a win this time around.

"First I want to say that it is one of the best races of the season," he said. "The city is great and the fans are really enthusiastic. This race always holds a surprise. Take last year - I have never seen so much rain. It was an all-out interesting afternoon and just unfortunate that with half a lap to go I had my only mishap of the whole race - and there the victory went out of the window. That's racing, but my belief is that the fans enjoyed every single moment, so let's all try to put on another sizzling show this weekend."