Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali admitted that fifth place for Fernando Alonso in the Canadian Grand Prix was without question a "disappointing race result," but despite the fact that it hadn't worked out he insisted that he didn't regret going for the win.

"We have tried," Domenicali told TV reporters in Montreal. "We have tried to win."

Alonso himself agreed with the philosophy: "I feel good. We tried to win the race," he said. "I'm proud of the team and happy we went for the victory.

"We tossed the coin in the air and we waited to see the result and it didn't work. At least we tried and we were not happy with second. In the end it was too many laps and in the end we ran out of tyres quite suddenly and it was too late to pit."

"It didn't work out - not because of the strategy but because of the tyre degradation," he added. "I want that to be very clear because there will be confusion tomorrow, from people who don't understand the race."

Domenicali confirmed that the team had been caught out by how quickly the tyres' performance had fallen off when they were finally pushed too far.

"At the certain moment we felt that the tyres could have lasted and then when you reach the cliff it was too late to pit," he said referring to the 'cliff' that the tyre performance goes off when the degradation reaches a critical margin. "At a certain stage, speaking also with Fernando, the tyre seems to last so we took the chance."

But instead the tyres went off in the space of virtually a single lap, leaving Alonso as a sitting duck to those faster cars behind him to bump him off the podium by the time the chequered flag came out.

Even so, "You see on the podium there is two drivers with one stop," Domenicali pointed out - so it hadn't been such an outrageous strategy, it just hadn't worked out for Ferrari.

"We need to work now on the tyre degradation because without the tyre degradation at the end we could have been in a different position today," he summed up.

Alonso picked up on the same point, highlighting that Romain Grosjean had blasted past him in the closing laps despite having tyres only a couple of laps fresher than Alonso's own set.

"It's not about stopping with Hamilton or deciding not to stop, or stopping once or twice," he stressed. "The problem is that Grosjean did 55 laps with the tyres with a good pace, and we did 45."

However, Alonso didn't want to dwell on problems in Canada on Sunday: "It's all positive. The strategy we tried was positive, the result was positive and, again, the points scored are positive," he said.


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